Young Master Ales – Hong Kong’s Own Artisanal Ales

Young Master Ales was born out of a desire to brew distinctive, world-class, extremely fresh beers locally for Hong Kong. With this project, our goal is to revive craft brewing in Hong Kong and bring the local drinking experience up a notch.


Our beers are brewed fresh with the highest quality ingredients. We will constantly innovate and bring new styles to showcase the diversity in beer. In doing that, we will push the envelope and possibly even make you rethink your perceptions of beer. We insist on preserving everything that’s good and natural about freshly brewed beer. To this end, we do not filter, pasteurize, or add artificial stabilizers or chemicals to our products simply to extend their shelf-life. We also use naturally produced carbon dioxide during fermentation and do not artificially carbonate. Our beer will be the freshest you can find in Hong Kong with the shortest distance traveled from grain to your glass.


Our Affiliations

We are proud to be working together with the following Hong Kong and global associations focused on promoting and protecting the tradition of craft beer.


Who is Young Master?

Inspiration for our name, “Young Master” comes from Hong Kong’s past. When we first heard the coming of age tale of a “工廠少爺” or a playful “young master” of a factory, set in old Hong Kong, we felt an instant connection. We love that the name embodies both a playful spirit and a strong work ethic. We are located in an industrial building in Ap Lei Chau, amidst many other creative endeavors of the South Island Cultural District in our vicinity. We see our brewery in this setting evoking memories of Hong Kong’s industrial past in a smaller scale and more creative form.